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Comprehensive experts in financial management

Konnektor is a Joensuu and Kuopio based professional firm specialised in offering business solutions in the field of financial management, taxation and corporate advisory.

Our focus is on providing an innovative, cost-effective and flexible service for clients ranging from start-ups to major companies. Our business model is designed to offer the necessary financial services – Clients can effortlessly choose the services as comprehensively as they deem necessary, or alternatively as separate assignments. For many, customership has been established through simple accounting, which has progressed to a more involved collaboration over time in other financial or advisory matters.

We aim to be cost- and time-efficient. An example of this is a fully electronic financial management, which enables a fast and functional system, regardless of time and place. In our range of services, we pursue this same efficiency to boost and accelerate operational processes, resulting in financial gain and added value for our clients.


Kauppakatu 17 A 21, 80100 Joensuu
+358 40 136 7644